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LikeBillions Signs Strategic Partnership with Matrix to Support International Expansion

TEL AVIV, Israel —June 11, 2014 — LikeBillions, an emerging Israeli technology company and Matrix, the leading information technology company in Israel, today announced that they have entered into a channel arrangement to support LikeBillions’ expansion into Europe and North America.

LikeBillions enables call centers to utilize customers’ web data, reduce call duration and to visualize […]

Web Voice Synchronization

WVS is a revolutionary technology that uses a simple phone call to synchronize between the browser of a website visitor and a company’s representative/CSR, thereby converting a static website into a platform for collaboration for in-bound contact center callers.

How does it work?

WVS-powered website use an algorithm that manage the existing business’ CTI and PBX in […]

Improve sales conversions & reduce AHT

LikeBillions improves inbound calls conversions and reduce average handling time. (AHT) How?

Real Time Collaboration to Improve Conversion:

Using a robust collaborative browsing platform, the CSR is able to populate the user’s screen with unique content and offers based on real time dialog with the customer. For instance, in an e-commerce website, the CSR can generate a […]