Pay Per Call & Control: New Technology

July 5, 2012

Pay Per Call & Control enables massive ad Campaigns

As users surf the net, they see an advertisement that stands out. They are interested. A local phone number is displayed. Few Phone numbers behave like billions of them. This is step one in the revolutionary Pay Per Call and Control system.


Page view collect users’ phone numbers

The client calls and redirect to the advertiser, eliminating the astronomical abandon rate and mistakes in input of personal contact information through landing page forms. The user is ripe and interested in the product. The time is right, the place is right and most importantly, it is the user who makes initial contact with the advertiser. Pay Per Call and Control cuts out over half of the process, connecting advertisers DIRECTLY to their users!

Conversation details are part of page events and goals

The advertiser’s call center answers the call. Based upon the default language of the user’s IP, the number displayed on their screen directs them to a sales representative in their native tongue. As soon as the sales representative answers the call, the advertiser’s first event appears on the user page view. Pay Per Call and Control uses an innovative technology to connect with the client both visually and through spoken language.

Call center agent use user’s browser to lead to closing stage

The sales representative creates a controlled user experience leading to closing the sale by displaying a variety of events on the user’s page view, in REAL TIME. As appropriate, the sales representative adds additional events, including relevant information, presentations, secured payment forms, contracts and any addition information relevant to the advertiser’s ad campaign. The unique abilities of Pay Per Call and Control allow the sales representatives to lead the call through the user’s page view helping them to achieve closing during the initial contact!

No more landing pages?

LikeBillions technology is most effective in markets such as Insurance, Finance, Heath, Real Estate, Forex and more. Pay Per Call & Control is an effective tool in any sales process which real sales representative need to speak with potential clients

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