Forbes: Google should replace Pay per Click with Pay per Call as the leading income source

August 7, 2012

By taking this recent Forbes article one step further, we learn two important lessons regarding the future of Google and advertising:

  1. Google still in the early stages of implementing Pay per Call and utilizing its full potential.
  2. Pay per Call looks to be next evolution in advertising. If Google pays attention to, and takes responsibility for the constant need of advertisers to find effective models for executing sales, then Pay per Call is the most efficient solution to fulfill this need.

The Next revolution: Pay per Call & Control

Pay per Call & Control is a new technology and business model which will stimulate Pay per Call penetration into advertising and its implementation. With Pay per Call & Control, businesses can control users’ browsers during sales conversations. This new technology enables a wide range of sales opportunities during the most crucial part of the engagement process with potential users, such as presenting a catalog of products, offering a short slide presentation of the service provided, sharing downloadable PDF files, and most importantly, presenting secured payment forms.

Pay per models and taking responsibility for the advertisers’ budget

Advertisers do not look for leads, landing pages, page ranks, keywords, likes, impressions or clicks. Advertisers would love to have real opportunities to speak with potential clients when the timing is right and present their products and services while making sure the client understands, can experience through their browser, and receives the correct message by the advertiser.  Pay per Call & Control enables all of this! It is only a question of the responsibility of the technology providers to advertisers (as well as advertisers to their clients, the end users).

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