LikeBillions presents a comprehensive solution for the 3 most outstanding obstacles of every marketer

March 28, 2013


Ever increasing numbers of users access the web through mobile means. According to Google, by the end of 2013, fifty percent of all Google searches will be made through mobile access. The significance of this fact for you as the marketer is the additional arena that must be cultivated in order to engage with your potential customers. Although you attempt to provide all necessary information via your website, impatient desktop users like myself, and most mini screen mobile users would prefer to SPEAK with you, your agents or sales representatives personally.

Your first problem

So, when a potential client calls in, it is almost impossible to know which keyword, banner, campaign, advertisement, or website led them to ultimately make the call. Until now, marketers have been unable to fully maximize their campaigns and budgets to improve future results and increase the amount of interested callers.

Your second problem

When users call into your call center the sales representative cannot visually depict your pitch through conversation. Nor can they present, in real time, relevant information to users in order to stimulate sales, provide effective support and shorten call duration.

Your third problem

On average, for every call in conversation, it takes between 3-15 minutes for your call center agent to understand what the user actually needs, as the agent does not physically see the screen that served as the impetus for the user to call in.

One Solution – LikeBillions technology

We have developed one solution for your three problems.

  1. LikeBillions technology enables you, the marketer, to track and analyze every detail, keyword, campaign, banner, or ad search related to every one of your company’s inbound calls. LikeBillions provides you with its BI System, as well as seamless integration into your existing Google Analytics, Google Adwords or any other analytics system.
  2. That same LikeBillions technology also assists your call center agents during calls. While speaking with users, call center agents can present relevant information directly on the user’s screen to create highly efficient visual messages for users.
  3. More so, your call center agents are able to live view users’ screens, surf and type together throughout the duration of the call. There is no need to install software or programs, the user can simply allow your call center agent verbal access to work with them and to understand the user’s needs.

LikeBillions technology integrated with promising ViewMyBrowser co-Browsing platform

LikeBillions technology enables seamless integration with any analytics system for call tracking and analysis, application and / or CRM platform, in order to collect user information based upon your business needs. The LikeBillions co-browsing technologies allow for quick co-browsing sessions during all support or sales inbound calls. LikeBillions is pleased to announce our first collaboration with ViewMyBrowser and have just launched our combined solution: Call Browsing.

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