New technology: Start co-browsing session due to a simple phone call

July 22, 2013

New support experience

LikeBillions LTD has submitted two patents and developed a new technology that enables co-browsing through simple inbound calls.

Problem and Needs

  • CSR (Customer Service Representative) cannot see what users see on their screens while talking OR what they typed during the sales or support conversation and the obstacles that let to avoiding the purchase or any other expected flow
  • Every support session includes user waiting periods, a limited ability of CSR to understand user’s needs and often frustrated users who are not able to explain their problems and needs in simple terms
  • Your CSR waste time while trying to initiate co-browsing sessions, You lose important insights regarding your hidden problems and users find the current support session annoying and/or abandon the online purchase flow

Call –> Browsing

LikeBillions technology enables sales and support representatives to:

  • See, point, type and navigate with the user – on the user’s screen, automatically through a simple inbound call.
  • Redirect the user from the advertisement/ banner/ landing page to YOUR web site in order to give a demonstration, consultation, or sales proposal directly resulting from the inbound call.
  • Predefined displayed “contact us” phone numbers anywhere you desire
  • Presents users with local phone numbers, based on the IP addresses, resolution and level of localization that the business chooses

It’s Simple

LikeBillions is based on SaaS technology and offers a

  • Simple and natural way to initiate co-browe
  • Simple and short integration
  • Simple and fast implementation

Contact us… sorry, call-browse us

Call. I will answer you..


…and let the show begin!


This is a log call example; the demonstration will begin upon calling the number above.

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