Making the entire mess: The missing piece of every BI system

October 15, 2013

Making the entire mess: The missing piece of every BI system

Or, ALL of the reasons that cause sales people to dislike their marketing and advertising managers.

Sales people carry on love-hate relationships with their marketing, advertising and media managers. Some would say, it’s fair and some wouldn’t; but everyone would agree that IF both sides could observe, analyze and examine that same missing piece of the puzzle together, these emotions could be transformed into insights, feelings into numbers, stories into facts and problems into business plans.

The following several sentences are causes which make sales associates dislike their marketing managers and teams, though they would likely never admit it.

The marketing manager states to the sales manager: “We approved the marketing campaign, now it’s your team’s turn to sell”. This statement is doubly irritating because:

  1. Real sales teams do not wait to their turn to sell. They are constantly selling.
  2. Who is going to ensure that the specifically approved ad campaign is actually going to promote sales, and not create the opposite effect?

The media manager says: “I don’t understand your problem… according to Google Analytics traffic to our website has increased by 30%”. This too is doubly frustrating as:

  1. Sales people can’t argue with Google.
  2. No one promises that just because children play with your apps, their parents will make a purchase with their credit cards.

The sales person’s wife tells him in evening: “I saw your company’s commercial on TV (or on the web) today. They told about your new astonishing offer.” and he has no idea what she is talking about. The frustration lies in the fact that:

  1. His wife doesn’t actually believe he is going to said work.
  2. The sales person needs to twist, explain and present a product or offer with which he is unfamiliar.

The advertising manager reports success in terms of “engagement” through the previous advertising campaign, which included few large words and lots of small words on social networks, the frustration rises because:

1.  Sales people don’t receive bonuses on “engagement”.

2. “Lots of small words” simply do not assist in the sales process.


Advertising managers say to sales managers and their teams: “We found an outsourced company that guarantees to provide 1000 leads on a daily basis”. Why is this so frustrating? Well:

  1. Everyone knows of tons of external companies that promise to provide 1000 leads on a daily basis.
  2. Only in hindsight does the sales team find out that the majority of the leads were spam.


My name is Ami Meoded. CEO of LikeBillions. In the upcoming Oracle week I am going to discuss and present a technology which withstands the challenge of the “missing piece of the BI puzzle”. I believe we all know of, and have experienced, many similar situations. The missing piece will allow you to find that overlap between media and marketing, marketing and sales, sales and operations, operations and service, then connect each of these aspects to support. That missing piece is the ultimate achievement in connecting all of the pieces of the BI puzzle.

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