Improve sales conversions & reduce AHT

October 22, 2014

LikeBillions improves inbound calls conversions and reduce average handling time. (AHT) How?

Real Time Collaboration to Improve Conversion:

Using a robust collaborative browsing platform, the CSR is able to populate the user’s screen with unique content and offers based on real time dialog with the customer. For instance, in an e-commerce website, the CSR can generate a banner with a coupon code that can be used during checkout.

LikeBillions enables the CSR to observe and utilize caller real time digital data

Call Center Profitability and Lower Abandonment Rates:

For the first time, a call center is able to assign value to a prospect before the dialog has been initiated. The Web Voice Synchronization (WVS) platform enables queue prioritization based on the potential call value and to automate skills based routing to the CSR most appropriate for the prospect’s needs.

Advanced Analytics to Improve Marketing ROI:

By connecting the visitor’s browser to the call experience, the organization is able to gain a deeper understanding of what factors led the visitor to the site. The detailed keyword analysis allows marketers to prioritize their SEM /SEO /Affiliate /UI /Re-marketing budgets based on metrics tied to revenue.

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