Web Voice Synchronization

January 11, 2015

WVS is a revolutionary technology that uses a simple phone call to synchronize between the browser of a website visitor and a company’s representative/CSR, thereby converting a static website into a platform for collaboration for in-bound contact center callers.

How does it work?

WVS-powered website use an algorithm that manage the existing business’ CTI and PBX in order to create a link, in real-time, between the Contact Center and Web infrastructure. When a customer journey begins on the company’s website and moves to the Contact Center, a significant amount of intelligence about the caller is made available such as predicted value as well as diverse variables such as time on the website, what the user has typed, referral source, affiliates, keywords, landing page, current page, browser default language typed fields and even mouse movements. This resource will help you to find more additional information.
Digital Records Access: When a web visitor calls into a contact center, the CSR is provided with insights into the caller’s intentions due to data from the digital session that preceded the call.
Queue Management: Based on the data from the digital session, the queue can be prioritized. Routing can be based on the predicted value of the call and/or the relevant skills of the CSR.
Visualization: During the call, the CSR can visualize content on the caller’s browsers and provide custom content in real.
Analytics: The marketing group can track the extent to which online marketing campaigns in result in closed contact center revenue.

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