The Moment of Truth

January 22, 2017
LikeBillions Moment of true

“What is the moment of truth?”

Most businesses prefer their online users to complete their purchases online. However, in many cases, some users will need to contact the business and talk to an agent. The callers will want to ask questions, clarify information, ask for advice or simply to hear a human voice. This action is an important event from a marketing point of view as the online user is willing to engage and purchase from the business. The right answers and the right impression will lead the user to purchase, and the business will gain an additional sale.

How important is “the moment of truth”?

The “Moment of truth” is a unique psychological situation. The online user is passive. The moment of truth presents a change in the user’s attitude. He becomes active and calls the business. He becomes the caller. This inbound call represents the user’s willingness to purchase. The businesses marketing activities to sell, has now converted to the caller’s interest in purchasing.

How to ruin the Moment of truth?

In order to ruin the Moment of truth all you need is to do is to ensure that your contact center uses frustrating IVR, irritating ACD and has an incompetent agent to lose your next potential client. In the majority of these cases contact centers succeed in rejecting their future clients. This is how we end up losing potential clients. It is a disturbing reality that most inbound calls end without a successful sale, at the same time the business is still committed to its operational costs. We ask why?!

The difference between the online users experience and the callers experience

The marketing department invests a lot of energy, money and time in order to position their brand, product-lines and services. Most businesses invest the majority of their marketing budget in the online field in order to expose their potential clients to their pitch, banners, design, UI, advertisements and website. The online user’s experience is accessible, immediate and includes visuals and text. In some cases, the very same user has ONE or TWO simple questions or requests. If he receives the right answers, he will make a purchasing decision; this is the main reason behind the inbound call. However, the offline experience is different. The user needs to “explain” to the IVR starting from the beginning by navigating the IVR tree. Then, he will need to wait alongside other callers in the ACD. The moment the call begins with the CSR, the user has to repeat EVERYTHING again. Isn’t this the best way to lose a sale?

LikeBillions Solution

LikeBillions is a unique technological add-on to your contact center. LikeBillions enables every component in your content center to “track” the online users digital journey and utilize this digital information and data in the event that the user will initiate a call. What LikeBillions Does? LikeBillions enables the IVR to “know” what the user wants in advance and may save the long navigation process or call abandonment. LikeBillions enables the ACD to “calculate” the value of the call from a business point of view and priorities the queue accordingly. This ability immediately affects the profitability of the business. LikeBillions presents on the agent’s screen up to 20 real-time variables from the user’s internet session. This unique functionality saves time and increases sales conversion. Finally, LikeBillions technology enables your CRM to collect the user’s web session data and store it for future use as part of your predictive analytics. This ability is innovative, revolutionary and needs an article of its own…

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