About LikeBillions


LikeBillions is an Israeli based technology company that has created an advanced technology that synchronizes the web session of a user with his voice call to the contact center in real time.

When a customer calls a contact center, the CSR is provided with information about the caller due to data from the customers digital session,prior to the call. This reduces average call handling time (AHT), and prioritizes the call queue based on the predicted value of the call. Enabling contact center agents to be more productive and effective and to enhance the customer experience.


LikeBillions is a R&D company  that develops and patents technologies that improves the future of contact centers.

We work with local partners in the contact center market who own contact center technological platforms.

Our technology is designed to fit your current technical structure of PBX, CTI, ACD, CRM plus any other existing application such as BI and reporting software.