Privacy & Security

Privacy, Security and GDPR

This website is informative website that serves our partners and potential clients only.

The access to our website is according to an invitation that what schedule in advance. In any other case we may ask you to leave this domain

We DO NOT work in front of end-users in any method of our operation. The aim of this website is to present and demonstrate our technology to our partners and their potential clients ONLY.



As LikeBillions partner or LikeBillions potential client who was invited by LikeBillions partner:

Protecting our partners and their clients’ data security and privacy is our first priority. We have recently made improvements to how we protect yours customers’ safety and privacy. In order to receive this agreement please contact your LikeBillions parnter.
One such measure is a Data Processing Agreement that meets the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Active Partners:

As third party application we wrote a new Policy of privacy. It is highly recommend to contact your contact person in LikeBillions in order to receive a copy of the new Policy of Privacy and to adjust it to every domain that uses our technology.

Potential partner and clients:

LikeBillions technology will  improve your operation up to 30%.

However, before you start to implement LikeBillions technology, you will be needed to make sure your business  meets GDPR law and regulations. This process may lead you to apply needed modifications. Without meeting GDPR requirements we will not be able to work with you.

In order to learn about GDRP law please contact your LikeBillions partner or send us a request for information to Good luck.