Case Studies

2014 POCs and Success Stories 

Increased Profitability and Sales Conversions, Reduce AHT

RoshDioRoshdyo logo

RoshDio is a local ecommerce company in the area of B2B/B2C office equipment and ink cartridges. The office equipment market is known as highly competitive and the companys marketing strategy is based in client recruitment via Google paid search as well as purchasing traffic. Due to LikeBillionsreal-time and detailed data, RoshDio improved its ROI by 27%. RoshDio’s CEO stated: “For the very first time, I am able to see the complete picture. Thanks to LikeBillions, I am able to perform a complete, inclusive, and hermetic analysis of all of the (marketing and sales) activities along each part of the funnel. And for the first time, that includes incoming phone calls, which are an integral part of our general activities.”

Scheffer Diamonds & Design

Scheffer Diamonds & Design is a company specializing in diamond design and online sales. LikeBillions enables the organization to analyze andShecheffer track every call in terms of predicted value, duration, actual results, and quality. The quality of the leads affect their future digital budgets and campaign mix. Every aspect of the call, as well as their usersmain digital information, is stored in the companys CRM. Their results were outstanding, according to Scheffer’s CEO: “Due to LikeBillions, we improved our ROI by 35%. In the past, we treated inbound calls as an unavoidable expense. Today, due to the real-time data, we utilize the inbound calls as our most effective and leading sales tool.”

Ophir toursOphir Tours

Ophir Tours is a tourism agency that runs a contact center with 80 seats. LikeBillions enables Ophir tours to prioritize their queue according to userspredicted value and presents, in real-time, a users web behavior to the CSR. Due to LikeBillions, Ophir Tours reduced four CSRs in each shift (5% of their HR expenses) and improved ROI by 30%.