Can LikeBillions be used for both Inbound and Outbound calls?

No, the LikeBillions technology is only suitable for Inbound calls when a person is visiting a webpage and then calls into the contact center.

What if I license the management of 300 phone numbers, but 500 people visit my website?

If the number of visitors exceed the number of unique phone numbers, the system will display the company’s default phone number for the additional traffic. Customers will still be able to call the contact center, but without the use of LikeBillions functionality.

How does one calculate the number of phone numbers needed for a website?

The number of phone numbers is calculated by the maximum number of unique user sessions at any given period.  For instance, if there a maximum of 300 users at any given time, then the number of LikeBillions phone numbers needed is 300

I am worried about privacy. I don’t want my customer’s data on a third party server.

First, each company is required to publish its privacy policy and explain the way in which a customer’s cookie data will be used. Second, LikeBillions does not collect data. LikeBillions technology use real time technology and servers  in order to sync customers’ web sessions to the your CRM, CTI and BI and does not collect or store any customer information.

How is LikeBillions different to click-to-call?

Click-to-call requires the mobile website visitor to actually click on the browser in order to initiate a call.  It does not enable the ability to  communicate with user via their browser or to  sync a user’s web session with the user’s phone call.  It is not possible to determine whether the user intentionally initiated a call or accidentally clicked on the button. LikeBillions technology syncs between any kind of phone call (including Click-to-call) using any kind of phone device (mobile, land-line or Skype etc) with any kind of internet device (mobile, tablet and desktop)

Is it possible to enable the CSR to review the customer’s chat history during a phone call?

Yes. Any information from the customer’s web session can be made available to the CSR.

Does LikeBillions work with Skype and Google Voice?

LikeBillions works with any calling device including Skype and Google Voice.

What is the minimum size call center that can use LikeBillions?

We do not calculate based on call center size. The right way to evaluate whether LikeBillions is relevant is based on the maximum number of co-current website visitors.