LBN technology

WVSLBN technology is a revolutionary technology that recognizes the specific call session of a user and is able to merge this session with the users web session. For example: A user is navigating your website on his laptop and calling you from his cellphone, even though these are  two separate devices, LikeBillions technology will merge these web and phone sessions.

How does it work?

WVS manages the business’ existing CTI and PBX in order to create a link, in real-time, between the Contact Center and Web infrastructure. When a customer’s navigation begins on the website and then decide to call the Contact Center, a significant amount of data about the caller is made available. For example:  predicted value of the call, what the user has typed in the website, referral of the session, current page the user is looking at, browser default language typed fields, and even mouse movements -actually: everything that is included in the web session can be used and transferred to the contact center components and CSR.

Queue Management

Based on the data from the digital session, the queue can be prioritized. Routing can be based on the predicted value of the call or the relevant skills of the CSR


During the call, the CSR can insert visual content into the caller’s browsers and provide customized content in real time. This functionality will improve the dialogue between the CSR and the user as well as influencing the user’s  real-time decision making.


LBN technology enables end-to-end ROI and can merge online budgets and offline activities. LBN has an ability to provide dedicated ROI per session from the early stage of the digital expense via user’s web visits, all related calls, names of relevant CSR’s , call duration and sales results.