Our Value

LikeBillions technology value to your contact center: 

Prioritizes Queue according to real-time Online Behavior of users

Predict inbound call value and prioritize based on user’s real-time digital behavior.
Recognize callers’ needs and increase conversion from callers to action/sale while providing better up/cross selling capabilities.

Utilize User’s On-line Behavior

Recognize callers’ needs in order to resent relevant IVR,
Reduce abandonment of potential clients and share vital data on the user with CSR in order to improve conversion rate

Integrating Web and Voice Metrics

Ongoing improvement of digital advertising ROI

  • End-to-end analytics: From keyword to Agent name and business deal value
  • Simple integration to any BI system
  • CSR as call’s digital marketer – re-targeting.

Improving the Bottom Line

Revenue Growth – Reduce AHT: Collaboration tools to improve sales processes/conversion rates.
LikeBillions enables CSRs to present predefined pages to user’s on a user’s browser during the call in order to lead to a purchase processes.

User’s Real-Time Feedback

End of the call dialog box that asks for feedback or ask for like on social network or join the company newsletter..